Frequently asked questions

How to stop a tax deed sale in Florida and other states?

This is how to stop a tax deed sale in Florida and other states. The simple answer is, by paying the taxes, you stop the sale. Paying the treasurer, the delinquent back taxes and any late fees or expenses would stop the auction. Tax sales can easily be stopped by property owners. Just pay the delinquent taxes and penalties. Tax sale auctions can also be stopped by a banker who is responsible for a loan which is recorded on the property. All the bankers must do is step forward and pay the property tax, and that payment stops the auction.

How to Stop Foreclosure in Florida and other states?

Short Sale

A short sale means that you can sell your home for an amount that is less than the amount you owe. The reason behind this is that sometimes your home is sold for a lesser amount in the auction. The bank/lender is sometimes not able to recover the whole amount they are hoping for. Home staging companies in your area can help you get more than the asking price.

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure

A deed in lieu of foreclosure takes place when the homeowner transfers the property to the lender. The homeowner hand over the property to the lender, clearing all the debts they owe. The property is then owned by the lender. You must vacate the property as soon as possible. This way you can easily save yourself from any damage.

Sell Out Your Home

Option to consider selling your home in Florida and other states to avoid foreclosure. You may receive an amount more than the actual price of your home. Perhaps you could even go for buying a home in your area worth more than the one you sold. You can stop something drastic from happening and your credit report and still be able to purchase in the future.

How long will it take to close?

Depending on the title company it could vary from 2-4 weeks. Under pre-foreclosures or tax liens, we can request a speedy closing for less than 2 weeks.